Jeffrey R. "Big Daddy" Matlick
Tragically taken too soon
Sunday, May 31, 2020

As some of you may know, and for those that did not, we are owned by East Moline Glass. It is with a heavy heart we say goodbye to Jeffery Matlick. He was a 30 year member of EMG. He started with the company at the age of 18 and has been one of the rocks the company has been built on. While our interactions with him here in Cedar Rapids were limited, they were certainly memorable. He was the epitome of hardware work, dedication and pride. He was taken from us unexpectedly too soon. All of us in the EMG family of companies will feel the effects of this loss for a long time to come. RIP Jeff

Iowa City Pedestrian Mall Canopy

Architect: Genus
General Contractor: Portzen Construction
Features: Custom screen print laminated glazing, custom fabricated steel supports, stainless steel rod support hangers

This project is currently servicing Iowa City pedestrians in the well know "Ped Mall", just outside of the down town library. This all glass and steel canopy is an unique combination of metal, steel and silicone caulking. While the main structure was provided, we were tasked with creating and attaching a functional steel support system to accommodate 13' long pieces of custom printed glass. It also had to be designed in a way to allow for future maintenance and adjustment. We went to work with several local steel, welding and painting vendors to create our picture frame for the glass. After applying nearly a half mile of caulking between the glass and metal to secure it together, we had the arduous task of lifting 4' x 13' glass panels that weighed almost 800 lbs each into the air and holding them in place until we could anchor the hanger system. We utilized our glass manipulator and talented glaziers to complete this task. Whether day or night, rain or shine, this canopy is there for your service.

CR Glass Co. Professional Affiliations

  • Proud member of the Eastern Iowa Construction Association
  • Proud member of Local Union 581

Projects In Progress

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